frequently asked questions

We take the hassle out of your cleaning and save you time allowing you to do the things you love. To ensure a smooth service and answer any queries you may have, please have a look at our FAQ below. If there is anything we may have missed, drop us a mail at

Before Your First Order

We request that all your clothes be ready for pick up when we arrive in a bag strong enough to carry the weight of the clothes.

We endeavour to clean your items as quickly as possible. Our normal cycle provides a 2-3 day return. This may be delayed on occassion due to busy periods. Our online system manages the turnaround time so we aim to honour the date you have been provided on your confirmation.

Yes, you can log in to your customer panel and edit your order up until 4 hours before your scheduled pick up time. If it is less than for ours, please contact our online support.

Due to the high volume of items we receive, we cannot check every label. It is important you check all your items before sending them for cleaning separating them the dry cleaning and wash bundles.

We ask that you order online as this helps us remain comptetive with our pricing. Should you have a problem, please contact our online support and we can arrange for alternatives means of order processing.

All clothes should have labels on them which should be a good indicator as to whether we can clean them. If there is anything you are unsure of, please contact our online support.

Please get in touch with our online support who will be able to guide you.

Your clothes are cleaned in one of our many locations strategically located to cover specific geographical locations. All of our locations are fully insured.

It is difficult to identify fabrics we don't clean without looking at the label but we cannot clean curtains with blackout lining (even those with labels which indicate they can be dry cleaned).

Dry Cleaning

We follow all guidelines according to the label. If there are any items that we feel may be a risk, we will always consult you before proceeding. Sometimes items, despite being cleaned according to the care label, can be damaged in the dry cleaning machine. This is normally due to poor material / craftmanship. If this happens, we will issue a letter with the item which you can take back to the place of purchase.

We tag all items to manage orders and reduce the risk of lost items. You can remove this when you have received your clean garments, other we will normally remove it before cleaning it the next time.

We aim to remove all stains using the best cleaning soaps and chemicals. Sadly, sometimes we cannot remove all stains as they become ingrained. If this is the case, we will attach a tag to your cleam garment(s) explaining this.

Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold

If you wish you can weigh your bags as a guide, but we will always weigh all items when they reach our cleaning facility, and this will be noted on your final order confirmation.

Please refer to the care label on your garment(s) which will indicate whether we can clean your item. Our normal cycle is on a 30 degree wash. On occassion we may not be able to dry some items as the temperature may damage the items. If this happens, we will normally contact you.

If you wish you can sort your items into colours. We will normally do this once the garments reach the cleaning facility.

All our items are washed on 30 degree cycles.

Yes, we dry your clothes as part of our wash and dry packages.

Yes, you can keep the bag your washed garments are returned in for reuse next time.